What is your WHY and what are you going to do with it?

By admin Uncategorized 21 January, 2019

Sometimes when my alarm goes off, I donʼt want to get up. There are times (for instance, this morning) when I consider the schedule for the day and I think I’d much rather stay in bed. That’s going to be better than making my 7a.m. weights session. This is exacerbated when I know I am going to have deliver bad news to a client, or I am going to get pestered by a broker as to why my clients may not be making decisions in a timely manner. Once I add kids, dogs and the rigours of daily life – rolling over and hitting snooze looks pretty appealing

It is normal to feel this way but, thankfully for me, these thoughts are less frequent than they once were. The reason for this is that I concentrate on why I do what I do, and why I need to do this. My life has improved significantly since I worked out my WHY and it is very easy to centre myself and get on track by reinforcing this on a daily basis

For our own personal economies to function you need to do something to earn money – to pay for cars, houses, schools, utilities; the list goes on. Have you ever thought about why you are on the path you are on? What makes you do the things you do?

I was talking to a friend the other day and one of the things we discussed is what drives people to keep going when they are super successful. Why would someone like Manny Pacquiao keep taking on opponents when he is ridiculously successful and wealthy and, realistically, doesn’t need to work another day in his life? Why do people who are successful in business keep doing venture after venture, deal after deal when they could simply pack it up and sit on a beach drinking cocktails?

The reason is that they have competitive instinct. I am naturally competitive and I need to be challenged. My mentor worked this out before I did, and would challenge me by saying things like “This might be a bit advanced for you” or “You’re probably not ready for this”. In my mind I was saying “Screw you, I will prove you wrong” which, more often than not, I would. I need to have obstacles so I can beat them and I need to do something which challenges me. I like the fact that the sky is the limit and that I constantly need to Raise The Roof.

Knowing your real WHY enables you to focus, and it enables you to remove the ceiling and achieve massive success. Some people are happy to go through the motions and that is great for them. I cannot operate like that – I need to start everyday by thinking and knowing that anything can happen and the possibilities are endless! Whenever I have doubt I refer back to my WHY and this keeps me on the right track!
If you would like to feel that same thrill and drive, get in touch with me! I can help realign you and your business and help you Raise The Roof!

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